Why is it that Dad is so hard to shop for? I know it’s a bit of a generalization, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say it’s a “man thing!” We’ve decided to make shopping easier on you by creating the #giftguide: men’s edition! With a portion of our store being a dedicated “ManCave” we know we’ll have that unique gift you are looking for! Come in today to shop or give us a call for shipping inquiries.


1. Take the Bull by the Horns Bookends $139

2. Travel Tin Candles $10.99, Apothecary Room Spray $29 & Apothecary Candle $10.99

Travel tin candles are perfect for the business man in your life who needs fragrance on the run. Named after famous authors, they smell quite divine. The apothecary line has an assortment of masculine scents like Tobacco & Patchouli.

3. Artist Hand $89 & Assorted Propellers $169-$189

The artist hand is way fun! It can be shaped to make any gesture (hopefully not obscene!). Our propeller models are also a huge hit among the gentlemen.

4. Avalon Telescope  $559

Dad will surely be impressed with this new “toy”!


5. Tauro Longhorn $199

If your man is a UT fan, you can’t go wrong with this gift! Sure to make any room a little more “cool” than before!

6. Gazelle Hanging Mirror $379 Each

This is perfect for the wild game hunter! These gazelle horned mirrors are eco-friendly and are always a conversation piece.

7. Duck Decoy & Duck Decoy Blueprints $159 Each/ Map of TX Railways Systems 1885 $349

Duck Dynasty has been a huge hit as of late. These blueprints are copies of originals by Phil Robertson and look great without being cheesy!

Maps are always a good idea in our mind. How neat is it to see what our state looked like over 100 years ago? He won’t be disappointed with this one!